About Us

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About Us

DesiNation is India's newest "YELLOW ECONOMY" Startup

(The UN designated color for inclusion is yellow. ) Armed with over 12 years of rich & successful social impact experience in the disability sector through a unique Empathy Exhibit called Dialoge in the dark (DID), the founders of DID have now initiated a pathbreaking disability sector focussed Diversity & Inclusion tech enabled platform that aims to bring digital learning experiences to Persons with Disability (PwD) & to sensitize & educate the Non-disabled world about Disability inclusion, create last mile tech enablement in the PwD Assistive tech (AT) space that continues to remain largely un/ under served.

Through its patented AI based technology platform that offers not just answers but comprehensive analytical solutions, DesiNation helps employers, policy makers, donors, Govt agencies, skill agencies & all PwD sector stakeholders overcome challenges plaguing them on diversity and inclusion.

DesiNation's the world's diversity exchange that focus primarily on mainstreaming Persons with Disability through its EDUCATE- ELEVATE - EMPOWER Model.


DesiNation helps companies Educate their employees on PwD inclusion through impactful & engaging e-learning content and other immersive Virtual and Augmented reality-based tools that will help them effectively practise disability inclusion. Gamified content with videos of scenarios, PwD stories, podcasts, 2d, 3d animated content and quizzes will be available to DesiNation users as a self-paced device agnostic learning.


DesiNation offers cloud-based DISC (Diversity and Inclusion ScoreCard) impact technology platform to every company to Elevate their diversity & Inclusion (D&I) quotient. Powered by a state-of-the-art deep learning AI engine, DISC by DesiNation will not just make D&I onboarding a walk in the park, but also ensure ongoing D&I evaluation effective, make D&I reporting easier, measurable & impactful. DesiNation also work closely with businesses to help them fulfil their compliance obligations under the RPwD Act 2016 & SEBI's BRSR (Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report) standards.


DesiNation will truly Empower PwD's with the much-needed skills & employment opportunities so that they feel genuinely included & economically empowered. DESINATION is completely aligned with UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the overarching goal being "LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND" emphasizing that the PwD sector be included across all the 17 SDG goals.

Our Team

SV Krishnan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sudha Krishnan

Co-Founder & Chief Empathy Officer

Krishnesh Nair

Co- Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Anantha Narayanan

Chief Marketing Officer

Rosheena Ismail

Chief Social Impact Officer (CSIO)

Our SAGE Board

Santanu Paul

Founder | Chief Executive Officer | Managing Director TalentSprint

Shalini Khanna

Founder Director - NAB India- Centre for Blind Women and Disability Studies

Shashaank Awasthi

Co-founder - v-shesh, India
Advisor - Gray Ghost Ventures

Ashok Pamidi

Start-up Evangelist and Advisor, Former CEO NASSCOM Foundation

Madhavi Pandrangi

Former Director - PricewaterhouseCoopers

Rahul Gupta

(Former) Head - Financial Sponsors Coverage, Axis Bank Ltd.

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