Krishnesh Nair

Co- founder & chief content officer

  • Digital media professional with over 15 years' experience in marketing, e-learning, digital content creation
  • Has personally been involved in over 350 hours of rich e-learning content creation
  • Produced the following firsts:
  • Driver's manual in the middle east in print and animated versions
  • Animated content in Islamic finance fundamentals e-learning
  • VR-based children's safe driving simulator
  • VR-based waste disposal simulator for children
  • Deep and extensive understanding and experience in creating digital content for e-learning (both corporate and K-12)
  • Produced e-learning content for multinational organizations in consulting, oil and gas, banking and finance, entertainment sectors
  • Proven ability to create learning content for VR and AR environments and interactive gaming within strict frameworks prescribed for e-learning
  • Previous experience in banking - operations and corporate credit & process reengineering (18 years)


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