The Beginnings of RPwD Act 2016

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Over 25 million people in India live with some form of disability. That is, persons with disability or PwDs comprise about 2.21% of India’s total population. The Constitution of India therefore provides ample scope for development of legal instruments to protect the rights of PwDs and thus, time and again various acts were enacted by the Govt of India to protect the welfare of PwDs. In this microlesson, we will learn about some of the milestone regulations that were introduced during the past years that finally led to the introduction of the path-breaking, paradigm shifting RPwD Act in 2016.

  1. Timeline of Disability related legislation in India
  2. Outline the 2 prominent acts of 1995 and 2006, thereby drawing some parallels with the current RPwD Act 2016
  3. Test your knowledge with a brief quiz


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