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Sensitization & Awareness training programs

Curated online & offline sensitisation & awareness programs to create awareness on disability & the abilities of the disabled among the non-disabled staff.

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Job Role & Disability Fitment Analysis

Analysis of the nature of job roles and mapping the job roles across the 21 disabilities.

Orientation & Mobility Training

Orientation & Mobility Training is given to PwDs to enable them to be independent in an organisation. Non-disabled staff is trained on how to guide, train and enable PwDs to be independent at their workplace by orienting them to all touch points within the organisation.

Policy & Process implementation

Policies & procedures are the foundation on which the culture and ethos of the organisation are developed. To create an inclusive organisation, hiring policies, equal opportunity policies, D&I framework, grievance redressal mechanism should be clearly defined and aligned with the recommendations of the RPwD ACT 2016. DESINATION with its expert team can help organisations to developing and articulating their D&I policies to create an inclusive and accessible work environment for PwDs.

Accessibility Audit

Inaccessible physical & digital infrastructure is a core issue which has prevented PwD's from being employed. Accessibility is defined as any service or infrastructure that is accessible to persons across the 21 disabilities without any intervention.

Hiring of PwDs

DESINATION has an active network of PwDs, government machineries, NGO's to support the PwD staffing requirements of an organisations



We can help you convert your D&I policies to effective e-learning

If you are hesitant to buy off-the-shelf course content, we understand. Totally. DesiNation can create custom e-learning content in SCORM standard from your existing policies using custom shot videos, animation and motion graphics. Leave your details below and our Instructional Designer will get in touch with you.



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